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How we work

Why tutor online? We help you find regular, flexible and reliable work by making it easier than ever to secure online tutoring jobs.

Great Pay

Take home up to $ 74 an hour without spending time or money on travel - sweet!


Choose your hours and where you tutor from - all you need is a computer!


Change the course of people's lives for real - and add experience to your CV!

Become a Tutor with TutorNinjas

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TutorNinjas makes teaching online more productive than ever

Talk Face-to-Face

Connect with your students via video conference and use valuable aids like whiteboarding.

Collaborate Effortlessly

Students upload their study materials online for you to review and work on together.

Rewatchable Lessons

Lessons are recorded so you can refer to them as often as your student's revision requires.

Make more cash and pay the bills

Tutoring online is a popular profession plus an ideal way to make extra cash while studying. It pays better than most student jobs, sidesteps contractual complications and doesn't involve mopping up beer.

Plus, we pay directly to your bank account every two weeks. Cha-ching!

It's flexible and saves you time

TutorNinjas ensures your online tutoring suits your busy life. Your students can book sessions one at a time or in blocks for ultimate flexibility.

And with our comprehensive online platform, there's no need to travel! Whether on the sofa or the beach - we make it easy to connect and teach!

We support you every step of the way

We want you to be the most amazing TutorNinja and do everything we can to ensure that. We find you the pupils so just sit back and do what you do best - teach!

Our learning space is designed to make your classes productive and impactful and we're here to help with any query you have.

Awesome! How do I begin?

It's super simple - just follow the three steps below to become our latest TutorNinja!

Become a Tutor with TutorNinjas

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Create an account and complete the application
Upload your certificates and other materials
Fill out your profile to begin tutoring and earning!

How much can I earn?

At TutorNinjas we have 4 tiers of tutoring level you can choose from. Just select your tier and confirm it during the sign-up process or within your personal tutor account. Build up your ratings and experience to reach new tiers, earn more and rank higher in search results.

White Belt

$29 - $34

Our introductory tier for those with 1 year of tutoring experience, still studying or postgraduate.

Orange Belt

$35 - $42

Our secondary tier for those with 1-2 years of tutoring experience or those who are newly qualified professionals.

Purple Belt

$43 - $61

Accomplished tutors with 3-4 years of tutoring experience or qualified professionals with 2-4 years of work experience.

Black Belt

$62 - $74

Accomplished tutors with 5+ years of tutoring experience or qualified professionals with 4+ years of work experience.

Become a Tutor with TutorNinjas

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Only the best become TutorNinjas!

We've built a unique algorithm that reviews and scores every application by prospective TutorNinjas - only those who score over 85% are accepted. That's 1 in every 8 applications! This is how we ensure that TutorNinjas provides its students with only the very best online tutors. And because many of our tutors are still students themselves, they are the best at communicating with our students!

Help change someone's prospects today and sign up to become a TutorNinja. (Tutor any of over 300 subjects that we offer)

Convenient earning and comfortable learning Online One-to-One tuition for students, professionals and tutors alike!