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Learn online today with TutorNinjas

See and speak to your tutor live through your webcam, wherever you both are.

Use the intuitive whiteboard to work together by writing, typing or drawing diagrams.

Share past papers, essays or documents with your tutor.

Share your screen with your tutor and show them your work in real-time.

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How Online Tuition Works

Select from the best online tutors across the globe

You can browse thousands of tutors with qualifications and tutoring experience, as well as reading reviews left from their previous students.

To save you time you can use the 'request a tutor' feature and find a tutor based on your needs without spending time browsing. Get a reply within minutes.

Message a tutor to arrange a session at your convenience.

Message a tutor and receive a response within 2 hours - tutors are always ready to assist and help you to reach your goals!

Private lessons from just $17 per hour!

Once you're happy to go ahead, book a session and start learning and acquiring new skills in an online virtual classroom!

Tutors makes it easy

Talk Face-to-Face

Connect via TutorNinjas proprietary video conferencing technology. We've even included white boarding and other cool features

Share and collaborate

Upload your material and share with a tutor.

Rewatchable Lessons

Lessons are recorded, so you can watch them later.

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  • Learn any subject, at any level, wherever you are
  • Learn online 24x7
  • Tuition from as little as $17 per hour
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee


  • Advertise for free to gain new students
  • Freedom to set your own rate and timetable
  • Get paid straight into your bank account

Build your confidence

Self confidence is extremely important in every aspect of our professional lives.

Finding a tutor can help build important learning and lifestyle skills. Giving students and professionals individualised attention that they wouldn't get in a crowded classroom.

Customised E-learning

Our tutors will provide you with tuition on a one-to-one basis with focus fully on you. The tutors can focus on your strengths and weakness to make the entire learning process more effective.

It's flexible and convenient

With a wide range of tutors available each with their own strengths and learning styles, find a tutor that is well suited to you.

Because online, tutors lessons can be structured around school, work and your lifestyle. Sessions can take place anywhere and anytime. Sessions can take place from the comfort of your own home or even on holiday.

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It's flexible and saves you time

Lessons are designed to suit your busy life. Book sessions one by one or regularly for however long you like - and pay as you go.

You can now learn from anywhere. We make it easy to connect, collaborate and communicate and manage.

Find a Tutor with the skills you need

Tutors have the skills and expertise to help you to achieve your goals or grades. Tutors are available to help you 24/7.

The Uber service for Knowledge-sharing

Skilled Tutors

We only select the most knowledgeable, experienced and Skilled Tutors for all levels of learning

Private and secure

Connecting, communication, collaboration and management is achieved on the Tutors platform. Private data is never shared with tutors.

Meet tutors for free before you book

When you find a tutor you like, arrange a free session video chat to ask questions and find out more about their teaching style.

Improve your skills and knowledge today

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Skilled and experienced tutors

We have built an algorithm which review and score each Ninja application. We only accept Ninjas that score over 95%. Only 1 in 8 that applies is invited to join. And they're brilliant at communicating with teenagers because - not so long ago - they were going through the very same things.

We physically check each application and certificates to ensure that we only selecting the best Ninjas.