Our review system is an important way we maintain trust and transparency in our community. We also know that prospective customers find reviews from other parents and students or professionals really useful when they’re choosing a tutor to work with.

That’s why we only remove reviews which contain inappropriate content (including but not limited to personal insults or threatening language), or personal, identifiable information about a user.

If you think that a review about a booking with you is false or exaggerated, you can write a response that will show up directly below the review and is visible to users viewing your profile.

If you’d like to speak to one of the team about a review you’ve received, please get in touch at

You have the opportunity to reply to any review which a parent or student leaves. Any response you post is shown on your profile, underneath the review.

Replying to a review is a way to interact with your customers and appeal to new ones. The feature helps to provide a balance, giving you the opportunity to express your point of view.

You can respond to a review by heading to your ‘Feedback’ tab and selecting ‘edit response’.

Customers aren’t able to respond to any response you post.

We understand that Free Video Meetings often throw up tech issues, especially if someone has never used TutorNinjas before.  

Here are some suggestions to help solve the most common tech issues and get the session up and running!   

These solutions solve most problems:  

  • Log out and back into the Lesson Space (make sure that the page refreshes)

  • Make sure the correct browser is being used

    • On Apple – use Firefox

    • On Windows – use Chrome or Firefox

  • Launch the Lesson Space using an incognito or private browsing window

  • Restart the computer

Is their mic turned up? Ask the student to check that their microphone is turned up (and not muted) 

  • The person who is not broadcasting sound should restart their computer

  • Is their mic allowed access (top right hand corner – click on the camera icon and ‘allow access’)?

Who is experiencing the echo? If you can hear your own voice repeated back to you, then the problem is at the other end.  

  • Make the student has headphones connected

  • Are they using Apple headphones with a Mac? – if so, change headphones.

If there is a delay or the audio freezes, it may be that the student does not have adequate internet speed. Can they move closer to the router or turn off other streaming services?

If possible, ask the student to connect to the internet using an Ethernet cable for both delayed audio and frozen audio feeds. This will help to strengthen internet speed.  

Who can see who? It is generally a problem on the end of the person who is not broadcasting video 

  • Is there a webcam built into the laptop, or is it an external webcam?

  • Did the video work in the setup test?

  • Is their video allowed access (top right hand corner – click on the camera icon and ‘allow access’

How do I book an Online Lesson?

Once you have agreed on a time with a parent, student or professional, they will send you a booking request to which you should try and respond to as soon as possible. Once you have accepted the Online Lesson, the parent will be notified and will make payment to confirm the booking. You can then enter the Online Lesson Space a couple of minutes before the lesson is due to start using the blue ‘Launch’ link.

Booking Statuses explained:

Accepted - awaiting payment: You have accepted the booking and the parent, student or professional needs to pay
Confirmed: You have accepted the lesson, the parent, student or professional has paid and you will be able to launch the lesson.
Awaiting tutor confirmation: You need to respond to the booking request
Awaiting reconfirmation: This lesson has been rescheduled by the parent and you need to respond
Completed: The lesson has been completed, you will be paid for this in the next payment round

It is also possible for you to suggest times in your messages with your student/parent: 

 How do I reschedule an Online Lesson?

If you can’t make an Online Lesson the first thing to do is to send the parent, student or professional a message and ask them if they would be able to reschedule the tutorial. Tutors should only reschedule a tutorial in exceptional circumstances, and once tutorials are confirmed they should take place at the agreed date and time.

Parents can reschedule from their account up to when the tutorial is due to take place. If you need to reschedule a tutorial outside of this time frame, please get in touch on


If you're no longer able to make a lesson, you can reschedule or cancel it from your bookings page. Simply go to the booking you wish to change and click on the edit button to the right. 

Cancelling a lesson

You can cancel a lesson if it's due to start in over 24 hours. This way, the parent or student has plenty of warning that the lesson is not going ahead. 

Once you cancel a lesson, it won't appear in your bookings and the credits will be returned to the pupil wallet.

If you have any pending bookings due to take place in the next 7 days with the student, the money from the cancelled lesson will automatically be assigned to these.

If a lesson is due to start in under 24 hours, you won't be able to cancel the lesson this way and you'll need to contact us at Alternatively, you can reschedule the lesson

Rescheduling a lesson

If you aren't able to make the scheduled time for a lesson, you can suggest a new time to the pupil. The pop up below will show when you select ‘reschedule’. Find a new time that works for you and update the request.

 The pupil will then receive your reschedule request and one of four things will happen:

1. The pupil will accept the reschedule and the new lesson time will be confirmed.

2. The pupil will decline the reschedule:

  • if the original start time is over 24 hours away, the lesson will revert to its original start time

  • if the original start time is under 24 hours away, the lesson will be cancelled, and their credits returned to their wallet

3. The pupil will suggest a further reschedule and this request will come to you to accept or decline.

4. The pupil won't respond to the reschedule before the original lesson time arrives, and the lesson will be cancelled, and their credits returned to their wallet.

Pupils always appreciate being kept in the loop, so if you do need to cancel or reschedule a lesson, please drop them a message to let them know your plans have changed, and give them as much notice as possible.

What happens if a pupil cancels a lesson?

A pupil can cancel and refund a lesson up to 24 hours before it is due to start. However, if a pupil wishes to cancel a lesson within 24 hours then this is at your discretion.

Remember that pupils can reschedule lessons up to when they are due to start so this may be a good solution if a pupil can no longer make a scheduled lesson at short notice.

If you have any concerns about making a refund, please get in touch with us on

How do I refund a lesson if it doesn't go ahead?

If a lesson didn't go ahead, you can refund it from your booking up to 48 hours after the lesson had been due to take place.

You can do this from the Bookings page on your account. Click on the Previous tab, and you’ll then be able to refund the lesson.

If more than 48 hours have passed and you still need to refund a lesson then please contact us on

What if I or my student is having technical difficulties?

If a lesson doesn't go ahead due to technical difficulties on either end, our advice is to check our Tech FAQs for a solution and if you can't solve it yourself email TutorNinjas team.

We recommend you spend around 5 minutes trying to solve the issue, and if you're not successful, refund and reschedule the lesson, and get in contact with the TutorNinjas team for a dedicated technical support session.

Unfortunately, we're not able to make refunds on your behalf for technical issues outside of our control.

TutorNinjas Refund Policy

If a pupil cancels a lesson at short notice (within 24 hours), or misses a lesson, then it is up to you whether you choose to refund the session or not. We find that refunding a session can be a nice gesture if it is the first time that an issue has arisen, but this is your decision.

If you miss a lesson or are unable to attend it for any reason then it must be refunded to the pupil. We recommend that you refund this as soon after the end of the lesson as possible.

Customer reviews are the subjective opinions of Professionals, parents and students who have booked a lesson with a tutor.

Only customers who have paid for a booking can leave a review, and customers are invited to leave a review for every booking they make with a tutor.

How our reviews work?

Reviews are a way to get valuable feedback from your customers. They’re also a chance to demonstrate the great work you’ve done on the platform, encouraging prospective customers to work with you.

We prompt parents, professionals and students to review a session after it’s complete, and they can complete and edit a review up to 7 days after the lesson took place.

You can also request a review from a parent, professional or student at any time from your messages page. You can do this by selecting ‘request a review’.

Leave a lesson report:

You will be prompted to leave feedback once your tutorial is completed, but you can edit what you have written later by following the ‘Leave Feedback’ link next to the Online Lesson entry.

The most helpful things to record in your feedback are:

  • What you covered in the lesson

  • Areas for improvement

  • Areas that your student is confident with

  • What you will work on next time

  • Any general comments about progress

 Receive a review:

Once you start tutoring, you can build up the reviews and ratings on your profile. Your students will be asked to leave you a star rating after every lesson, and written feedback every few sessions. This is not compulsory, so if you’d like some feedback it may be worth prompting your student once you’ve completed a few sessions.

 Book in your next Lesson: 

After the Lesson, depending on your arrangement with your student, you may wish to send them a message with suggested times for your next lesson as well as asking what they’d like to do next.

Tutor requests are one of the ways you can find new students to work with.

Rather than directly messaging a specific tutor, pupil post a general request for the subject and level they're looking for support with. We then send this message onto tutors who may be able to help.

You'll be notified about any Requests you've received by email or in your account, and you can check these on the request section of your account.

As parent, student or professional will receive a handful of responses, if you think you can help you should aim to explain why you're the best person for the job. Tell the parent a bit about yourself:
What experience do you have tutoring the subject / level / syllabus?
When would you be available to meet for a Free Meeting?