Ninjas can set the prices that their students pay by selecting one tier of the TutorNinjas belt system. Within those tiers, Ninjas can select a price.

Ninjas earn between £23 and £60 per hour when teaching with TutorNinjas. This results in a final earning between £23 and £60 per hour before platform charges and VAT. You can find out more about potential earnings within the Ninjas account section.

How do I select a belt?

Ninjas select their initial belt tier based on their years of experience as a tutor when registering with TutorNinjas. Whether you are a newcomer to professional tutoring or have many years of tutoring experience, we have the right tier for you.

Simply look at the years of experience required of each TutorNinjas tier and select the appropriate one for your offering. We will approve your tier after reviewing your profile and qualifications and other materials you share during your sign-up process or within your personal tutor account area.

The more you teach, the more experience you gain and sooner you will advance to the next belt.

Lesson ratings

Every session you lead as a Ninjas is rated by your student. Lessons are rated by the student out of 5 stars and this rating directly affects the standing of a Ninja’s ranking in search results. It also helps the Ninja’s profile reach approved status.

When should I change my price band?

Ultimately, this is entirely up to you. One element to consider is that existing customers would likely appreciate it and continue with your services if you keep their prices stable for an academic year, particularly when their good feedback and reviews will help you build your profile. For this reason, Ninjas can select individual pricing for existing customers and raise prices for new customers.

Things to consider when you change your price:
  • How does your experience compare to other Ninjas on that price band?

  • Will you keep your existing customers on their current prices?


Ninja Belts


Work Experience

Price Band


0-1 years

£23 -27


1-2 years

Up to 1

£28- 34


3-4 years


£35 - 49




£50 - 60

TutorNinjas charges a small Service Fee to Clients of 1.75% (minimum 50p and maximum £2.50 non-refundable per lesson booking). For customers outside the EEC, the Service Fee will be 3.5% (minimum £1 and maximum £5.00 non-refundable per lesson booking). The Service Fee is paid either when booking a lesson or purchasing credits to be used to book a lesson. For avoidance of doubt, Service Fees are not payable upon redemption of TutorNinjas Credits.

At TutorNinjas we have 4 tiers of tutoring level you can choose from. Just select your tier and confirm it during the sign-up process or within your personal tutor account. Build up your ratings and experience to reach new tiers, earn more and rank higher in search results.

White belt

£23 - £27

Our introductory tier for TutorNinjas with up to 1 year of tutoring experience, still studying or postgraduate.

Orange belt

£28 - £34

Our second tier for those becoming TutorNinjas with a 1-2 years of tutoring experience or a newly qualified professional.

Purple belt

£35 - £49

Our third tier for accomplished TutorNinjas with 3-4 years of tutoring experience or a qualified professional with 2-4 years of work experience.

Black belt

£50 - £60

Our fourth tier accomplished TutorNinjas with 5+ years of tutoring experience or a qualified professional with 4+ years of experience.