In order to use some of the features of TutorNinjas and meet with tutors, the email address for your account needs to be verified. You can do this by clicking on the green button in the "TutorNinjas verification?" email that we sent to your email address when you signed up.

If you can't see this email, please check your junk/spam folder. You can try re-sending the verification email.

You can easily send files to your tutor using the messaging platform.

You can send files up to 7Mb of most file types (Microsoft word, PowerPoint, pdf etc.) but we recommend PDF files for best results.

To send files, click on the Paperclip icon on the left-hand side of the message typing panel as shown below. You will then be able to insert the file to your message. Click 'Send' to send the file to your tutor.

On TutorNinjas, you can set up a joint account for your child so that they have their own personal log in. You'll be able to view all chats that they have on their account, but this allows them to communicate directly with their tutor.

You can add your son or daughter to your profile by selecting your name at the top right hand corner of the webpage, and selecting "My Details". You can then go into "My Students" and add the details of your child.

Once you have set up their account, if you would like them to be able to message new tutors and book in their own lessons, head back to "My Students" and click "Approve".

First, please check that the email hasn’t been caught up in your junk or spam mail folders. If you can’t see it there, please log in to your account, check your email address and resend the verification email to your account.