Yes, as a tutor you will need to register as a self-employed individual and declare your earnings. You can do this here: register as self-employed

The HMRC website also provides guidance for registration, including contact details via phone and webchat. 

NB: Please make sure you are eligible to work in the UK on a self-employed basis before applying. This may not be the case if you are from outside the EU or on a tier-4 visa and have not completed any tertiary education in the past.

Parents, students and professionals pay for their Online Lessons online through TutorNinjas using the secure payment system. Lessons must be paid before they are due to take place, and the individual will be prompted to do this when they make the booking. If the individual does not pay for the Lesson, then it will not be confirmed and will not take place.

Online Lessons are bookable in hour slots - so when you have a confirmed tutorial on your account, this should last for an hour.

We handle payments for you so you'll never have to chase parents for invoices or worry about not being paid for the work that you do. 

All Ninjas can set the prices that customers pay by choosing a price within the price range of your Ninja belt. Ninjas can earn between £23 to £60 per hour. This means that Ninjas end up with between £18 and £60 per hour after TutorNinjas charges and VAT. You can find out more within the Ninjas account section.

If you want to earn more as a Ninja than you need to earn your belts. Lessons that are rated between 3/5 stars will be recognised anything lower will not be counted. As you complete session, you will achieve Ninja belts and the potential to earn more will grow! When you become an Elite black belt Ninja you can earn up to £60 per hour.

When should I change my price band?

If you have existing customers, they will appreciate it if you can keep their prices stable for an academic year, particularly when their good feedback and reviews will have helped you build your profile. For this reason, you can also select individual pricing for your existing customers, and raise your prices for new customers.

Things to consider when you change your price:

  • How does your experience compare to other Ninjas on that price band?

  • Will you keep your existing customers on their current prices?

Ninja Belts



Price band




£23 -27




£28- 34




£35 - 49



£50 - 60


TUTORNINJAS charges a small Service Fee to Clients. This Service Fee is 1.75% and will be a minimum of 50 pence and a maximum of £2.50 per lesson booking and are non-refundable. For customers from outside the EEC the Service Fee will be 3.5% This will be a minimum of £1 and maximum £5.00. The Service Fee is paid either when booking an lesson or purchasing credits to be used to book an lesson session. For the avoidance of doubt the Service Fees are not payable upon the redemption of TUTORNINJAS Credits.

If you haven’t been paid for an Online Lesson, check when payment was due on the payments calendar.

If you think that you haven't been paid when you should have been, just drop us an email with the details on

We take the hassle out of payments by handling them for you through our online payment system. Customers pay for bookings before they take place and this payment is collected by TutorNinjas on behalf of tutors.

You are paid directly into your bank account twice a month.

All bookings which you have completed within a payment period will be paid in the next payment round.

If you want to refund a booking, please do this within 48 hours of it happening (via your booking page), or get in touch with us, to let us know. 

Paid bookings will only appear in your invoices after you have been paid.

I’ve completed a booking but haven’t been paid - can you help?

If you haven’t been paid for a booking, check when payment was due on the payments calendar above. Please note that:

  • BACS payments can take up to 3 working days to reach bank accounts

  • Where a payment date falls on a non-working day (ie a weekend or bank holiday), payment then shifts to the next working day.

If you think that you haven't been paid when you should have been, just drop us an email with the details on

Where can I update my bank details?

In your account page, bank details can applied and amended.