Your safety online is our upmost priority. Our site has been developed with this in mind, and we have a number of checks in place to ensure that you and your child remain in a safe environment at all times. Please see our online safety guidelines.

You might like to let your tutor know what they’ve done well or where you think they could improve. You can do this at any time after you’ve had a session and the tutor will be grateful for the feedback, which will appear on their profile (don’t worry, your personal details won’t be disclosed). Go to the tutorial booking section of your account and click ‘leave feedback’ next to the relevant tutorial.

You can view your recordings by heading to your dashboard.

Recordings take around 24 hours to render and are then available for 7 days after the sessions takes place, but please note that playback may be disrupted by poor internet connection or accessing the lesson space multiple times. We cannot guarantee a recording, so please ensure that you do not rely on the recording and take appropriate notes during the tutorial session.

Furthermore, while the lesson space won't make you leave when the lesson is over, lessons are recorded only up to a limit of 1 hour. If you have a double lesson booked, make sure you leave the first one before starting the second half, otherwise you won't have the recording!

If it is less that 24 hours since your tutorial has been completed, please check back once this time has lapsed. If you wish to keep your tutorials indefinitely, then you can do this by downloading the file to your laptop or desktop.

Please download any notes during your Online Lesson before exiting the Lesson Space, as these will not be available to download when watching back the lesson.

At the end of the Online Lesson, the tutor will send written feedback or an topics were covered and how the tutee has progressed. If there is specific feedback that you would like from the tutor, please discuss this with them in advance so that they can include the relevant information.