Parents and tutees can contact tutors in 2 ways - through messaging you directly or mass-messages called Tutor Requests. You will then be able to respond to let them know if you're available to help. 

Once you have established a conversation, parents can book in a 15 minute Free Video Meeting , where you can meet each other in the Online Lesson Space, discuss tuition requirements, and prepare for the first tutorial. 

After this, tutorials can be booked in on the system at agreed times and you will be paid for your time. 

'What do I need to run Online Lessons?'

You can run the Online Lesson Space directly from your laptop, desktop or tablet. 

Here is a checklist to ensure that you are ready for your first session.

You will need:

Headphones with a microphone (like those you may use with your phone) Please note: using Apple earphones on a Mac may cause an echo.

A reasonable broadband connection. We recommend using a wired connection if possible.  Guidance - >2MB/s upload and download speed. You can check your internet speed during the Online Lesson Space setup test

Use Google Chrome or Firefox as your browser. If you are on a Mac, please use Safari or Google Chrome. Our lesson space is not compatible with Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer on any devices. 

A working webcam The webcam is compulsory for all tutors. For students, this is not essential, but will mean the best interaction possible with your tutor.

Optional but recommended

A writing tablet Writing tablets allow both tutors and students to use handwriting on the lesson space, and mimics sharing a piece of work between student and tutor. These can be purchased from around £20 on websites like Amazon

Browse writing tablets on Amazon

Although we do not recommend a specific tablet, our tutors mainly use one of two Huion tablets as they have found they are particularly good value.

The compact Huion H420 tablet can be purchased online from here or here. The larger brother, Huion 580 tablet is also available online.

Both tablets support Windows and Mac.

If you have an iPad, iPhone and a Mac computer, you can turn your touchscreen device into a writing tablet using an app like or

'How do I apply?': 

If you're a current student, teacher or a professional, we'd love to see your application come through. Just select your university from our sign up page and start your application.

Once you complete your registration, we will get back to you within 2 working days in order to invite you to a 15-minute online interview with a member of the team. After that, all that’s left to do is complete your profile and you’ll be ready to start tutoring!

'Can I apply after I graduate?'

Yes, If you’re a professional, graduated, or your skilled in a specific subject. During the application, we will ask you to upload a degree certificate or a certificate that shows that your certified in the subject they you will teach. A member of the TutorNinjas team will then assess your application and be in touch to let you know the next steps. 

Your resume doesn't need to be long, but it should give prospective students a good idea of who you are and your tutoring style. Here are some things you may like to include:

About you

  • What you’re studying, what makes you excited about your subject, about yourself.

  • Your experience of taking exams at school and professional skills.

  • Hobbies and societies you are part of.

Tutoring style

  • How can you help your individuals improve?

  • How will you structure your lessons

  • What learning techniques do you think work well

  • What worked for you when you were preparing for your school exams


Remember, there's no need to repeat your qualifications or university info as this is all already on your profile. Please don't include your phone number, email address or physical address - all contact with parents and students must be done through the site. 

Once you have been invited to join our site after the interview, you can create an awesome video for your profile! Tutors who add a video to their profile receive twice as many requests as those without, so we highly recommend doing this as soon as possible. A profile video is a great way to get across your personality and help your profile to stand out from the crowd. 


Here are some helpful hints for how to create your video.

You will need:

  • A phone / iPad / laptop / computer with webcam

  • A quiet, well lit space

Top Tip: The ideal length for your video is between 50 and 100 seconds 


How to structure your video:

  • Introduce yourself and what you do at University or Tell us about your experience.

  • Explain what you love most about your subject and why you chose to study it

  • Why do you want to tutor and how can you help prospective students?

  • Sign off with a friendly message about getting in touch through the platform and invite your students to have a Free Video Meeting with you

Top Tip: To help you remember what you've planned to say in your video, you might like to write some notes / prompts and put them somewhere visible whilst you film your video.


What is TutonNinjas?

TutonNinjas is an online marketplace which helps parents find brilliant tutors without the hassle and cost of travelling. Instead, tutors can enjoy delivering one-to-one tuition from the comfort of your home, on the beach or on your lunch break. As a tutor, you end up with between £16-£48.00 per tutorial, and can tutor flexibly around your commitments.

How can I apply? 

TutonNinjas recruits tutors who are:

  • Currently studying (or recently graduated) at top UK Universities

  • Have achieved excellent grades at school

  • You have professional skills or qualifications.

  • You’re a training a teaching lifestyle skills.

  • Are eligible to work in the UK on a self-employed basis.

You are also welcome to apply if you are undertaking post-graduate study. As well as top grades, we look for enthusiastic, articulate and well-motivated individuals to join us. If you are currently a student at one of our listed university and this sounds like you, head to our sign up page to apply. 

Do I need previous tutoring experience? 

Previous experience is not strictly necessary for tutoring with TutonNinjas.

As long as you can effectively demonstrate your suitability for the role, passion and expertise in your subject and excellent one-to-one communication combined with the ability to relate to the student, then a lack of experience will not count against you.


As a tutor, you will predominantly be helping GCSE and A-Level students with their exams. This means you will often be helping students prepare for exam-style questions, and covering the course content to go alongside this.

Your sample Q&A should therefore be an example of a common question asked by GCSE or A-level students. As well as being asked to run through this with your interviewer to get a sense of your tutoring style, your subject Q&A will appear on your profile for parents and students to see. You are welcome to upload more than one example.

We interview one out of 10 applicants. TutorNinjas has integrated a scoring system which will determine if a tutor needs to beinterviewed.

We like to make sure that our tutors are well motivated, strong communicators and can articulate concepts well. In the interview we will ask you to explain a sample question in your subject field to get a sense of your teaching style, as well as asking a few more general questions relating to tutoring. We will also have the opportunity to run through how TutorNinjas works and ensure that any questions you may have are answered. All our interviewers started out as tutors too, so it's a great opportunity for you to ask any questions.

Before your interview please make sure that you:

1. Are on the correct browser

  • Please use Chrome if you're on Windows, Safari if you're on a Mac

  • Using a tablet?

2. Complete your sample question

Your interviewer will run through your sample question to get a sense of your teaching style. 

You can tutor subjects at 13 Plus/KS3/GCSE which you have studied at A-level (or equivalent) and achieved an A / A* or a 6 (or equivalent) grade.

To tutor a subject at A-level (or equivalent), it must additionally form a major part of your degree.

You can tutor a subject at University level if you are studying or have studied for a degree in that subject. You can also tutor any university admissions tests which you've sat. 

If you want to tutor at this level...

You'll need to have studied the subject at...


A-level / IB / equivalent (with an A / 6)


A-level / IB / equivalent (with an A / 6)


A-level / IB / equivalent (with an A / 6)

 A-level / IB / Scottish Highers

 Degree level (with an A / 6 at A-level or equivalent)


Degree level

University (admissions tests)

Sat the test yourself

11 Plus

Experience tutoring the 11 Plus

We also ask that you have the relevant syllabus knowledge in the subjects you tutor. For example, to tutor a subject at IB, we ask that you yourself sat the IB course. 

When you choose to list a new subject on your profile, this update comes to TutorNinjas HQ where one of the team will check you're eligible to tutor it and approve it. It will then appear on your profile.