TutorNinjas is available on smart phones but we would advise lessons to take place using a smart phone.

You can however use it on iPad and Android tablets. But please make sure that you have installed the latest available updates on your iPad or Android tablet.


What are the requirements for iPads?

The minimum requirement for iPads is that you are running iOS 13 or later. Log in to TutorNinjas as usual and the blue 'Launch' button will be visible on top of the page just like when you access our website from a desktop.

To check what version you are running open Settings > General > About then scroll down to 'Version'.

What are the requirements for Android tablets?

To use the online lesson space on an Android tablet, please make sure that you are running Android 7.0 (Nougat) or later.

To check which version of Android you are running open Settings > About Phone > Android Version.

Please note that not all Android tablets will work. We suggest launching a 'Trial Lesson Space' with the device to make sure!

Your iPad might be detecting the wrong camera as the "default" webcam for the lesson space. Before you attempt to solve this, please ensure the following:

  • You have the latest version of Safari installed.

  • Your iOS is up to date.

Now, press the "Home" button to minimise the Safari app, and open your "Camera" app, as if you wanted to take a picture. Once in there, click the button to change the camera you're using until you can see yourself (like when taking a selfie!).

Once that's done, minimise the app, open Safari again and refresh the page. If the wrong camera is still showing, continue as normal and finish the setup tests until you reach the actual lesson space; the new camera should now be active and you should be able to see yourself!