Profile transparency

We ask our tutors to be as transparent as possible in their teaching ads and carefully detail their experience, methodology and resume.

Verification of their personal details and the information provided

We verify the identity, personal details (telephone number, e-mail address, photo) and university diploma of all of our tutors.

100% authentic reviews – The strength of the community

We verify all of the reviews that our tutors receive to guarantee that they are 100% authentic. Only our members can leave reviews for our tutors. You can rest assured that our tutors are excellent, competent and available thanks to our community of millions of students!

Both their ratings (for example: 5/5) and their availability is displayed in the tutors profile and searches.

Recommendations from their former students and friends

The reviews and recommendations the tutors receive from their former students can give you an idea of the quality of their lessons and their teaching style.

The more complete and detailed your ad, the more credibility it will have with students and professionals and the higher up the lists it will rise.

The title of your ad must be more than 12 words

Write down at least 40 words in the "Teaching" and "Experiences" sections of your ad

Do not forget to add your phone number and your email address in the dashboard or sign up pages.

Add your certification to the site

Add a clear, portrait phototo your ad

Add a video to your ad, it's a real plus!

You also need to be as responsive as possible to the lesson requests you receive. The faster you answer, even if it's to decline the request, the higher your profile will be ranked.

Have your TutorNinjas students or professional leave reviews on your profile.

And finally, take a look at our TutorNinjas premium plus.

You can contact a tutor directly from their profile. Just write a short message explaining what you need help with and click "Send Message". The tutor will get back to you as soon as they see your message. You can then set up a Free Video Meeting with the tutor in our Online Lesson Space.

Creating your tutor ad could not be simpler, just follow the step by step instructions on TutorNinjas and fill out each section. Here are a few helpful tips to help make it as visible as possible to potential students, allowing them to find you:

Highlight your Strengths (your skills, your experience...)

Ask yourself why a potential client may choose you over another peer tutor. Explain what differentiates you and makes your private lessons exceptional. Explain your learning style and teaching methodology.

Tell your Story

Teaching is not just about passing on your knowledge; it is also about building a bond of trust with your students. Showing your human side is very important. Showing that you’re an interesting and thoughtful person, willing and capable of listening to others. Mention your hobbies, groups you’re part of, your travels, your past work experience, and successes in life.

Focus on the Benefits: What are you Providing to your Future Students?

Try to avoid technical terms difficult to comprehend. Also avoid bland or cliché phrases that do not detail what you will provide. For example, do not just say “I teach maths at all levels and for all abilities", mention the exact levels at which you teach (GCSE, A-level, Gmat, Sats, college etc.) as well as the exact topics (algebra, trigonometry, geometry, calculus, etc.)

Include a Picture that Makes you Stand Out

Clear frontal photos of your face are an important way for students and teachers to learn about each other. You will increase the number of contacts you make 10 fold by adding a high quality, profile picture of yourself.

Review your Ad

An advertisement full of mistakes will not be taken seriously. Re-read your ad with a text editor and make a final review before publishing.

It’s simple! Find your tutor through our search engine.

Choose your subject and yourcity or neighbourhood, and that’s it! You’ll be able to access thousands of our best tutors, who are available to give lessons near you or via webcam.

Once you have run the initial search, you’ll be able to filter it by level, price, distance, ...

When you have chosen a tutor, you can contact them by clicking on the "Book a lesson" button, found on the top right of the ad.

Getting started is easy. You can either contact tutors directly (using the ‘Message tutor’ button on their profile) or you can send out a Tutor Request to a selection of our tutors and let them get back to you.

Once you have contacted your tutor and arranged a time, simply book a Free Meeting to connect with your tutor in our online collaborationspace. The lesson space has a video link (a bit like Skype) and messaging so that you can see and talk to your tutor in real time, as well as an interactive whiteboard on which the student and tutor can write, draw and share documents.

In the Online collaboration Space, you can see and speak with your tutor via live video and audio. Tutor and students can use the lesson space to learn lifestyle skills such as yoga and cooking or teach academics subjects. Collaborate by sharing videos, documents, essays, past papers, diagrams and mark schemes, and solve problems together using the interactive whiteboard to write, type and draw.

All of our lessons are recorded - meaning you can play them back as you need. All recordings will be available 24 hours after the tutorial has taken place, and last for 7 days.

If you need to close your TutorNinjas account, please email us at or message us through the online chat on our website.

Please make sure to include your name and the email address that is linked to your TutorNinjas account.

Tutor can also cancel their account within the TutorNinjas dashboard.

Once your account is closed, you won’t be able to log in, make bookings or receive messages via our platform.

You may still receive email updates from us (you can unsubscribe from email updates by clicking on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of one of our emails)

If you’d like to reactivate your account just send us an email to let us know.

Tutors will usually respond to messages within 24 hours, but in exceptional circumstances it may take them a little longer. To make sure you’re not left waiting why not send a Tutor Request, to which you usually receive a response within a couple of hours,or contact another tutor.

Remember, you can organise Free Video Meetings with multiple different tutors to make sure you find the one that's right for you!

To promote your awesome listing, go to the next level and get ahead of your colleagues with the Professional pass!!

  • Visibility!Your ads will feature further up the search results
  • Students& Professionals! Increase student traffic to your tutor ads
  • Statistics!Get statistics related to your listings to improve your performance

Upgrade today! Please visit your TutorNinjas dashboard.

Complete sessions and become a Premium tutor

When tutors receive consistently high feedback and have tutored with us for a while, they are awarded premium tutor status. Once a tutor has completed over 500 sessions with good feedback they’re automatically upgraded to a premium tutor status.

As a tutor working for yourself there are a number of legal considerations to think about to protect yourself and your students.

Report your income to HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC). It’s important to keep your income and taxes up to date and a legal requirement to declare your income. Are TutorNinjas involved in payment? No, TutorNinjas are not involved in the payment process between tutors and students: it is for up to the student, professional or parent to select a tutor based on a fee that is affordable , whether it's through Paypal or Stripe.

Insure yourself. It’s not a legal requirement to be insured as a tutor in the UK, but it’s a standard practice to do so. Consider public liability insurance, business and portable equipment insurance and professional indemnity insurance.

Be aware of health and safety. This means providing a safe environment for students to learn. This is very important if you plan to teach from your home.

Advertise honestly. Every claim you make must be factually correct, and you should be able to provide documentary proof of any qualification you claim to hold.

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS). It’s not a legal requirement for tutors to have a DBS check in the UK. However, this can provide reassurance, especially to parents of students.

We're always adding quality tutors to our site, which is why you'll see some profiles which have yet to acquire customer reviews and ratings. Don't let this faze you, with over 7 applications for each tutor place, you can rest assured that all of our tutors are of the highest standard.

TutorNinjas is an online marketplace which helps anyone connect with bright and engaging tutors. Our tutors provide one-to-one tuition through our virtual knowledge sharing platform, removing the hassle and cost of travelling, and meaning anyone can enjoy tuition from where ever suits them.

At TutorNinjas, we offer more than 300 subjects across dozens of categories (sports/ academia/hobbies/music/etc.). You don’t necessarily have to be a qualified tutor to be an effective educator. For example, a professionalis obviously qualified to givelessons, but teaching involves much more than certification. It requires passion; love for your craft, enthusiasm and the ability to foster these attributes in your students. A piano teacher does not necessarily have to be a concert pianist, but they must have good ideas on how to become one and how to master the instrument and the music.

If you want to start English tutor jobs, you need to have mastered the language yourself, be fluent or bilingual and able to explain concepts in writing, grammar and accent reduction. You may also be required to teach your students the basics of culture and history of the countries where the language is spoken.

All of our TutorNinjas have achieved outstanding grades. We vet each application to ensure that each tutor has the correct grades, level of education and certificates to teach a specialised subject. We will evaluate lifestyle tutors to ensure they have experience, or a qualification is a specific subject. Tutors are personally interviewed by a member of our team to ensure they will be able to inspire their students. You are also welcome to read feedback from others who have previously worked with our tutors to help you make your choice; all students, parents and professionals are invited to leave feedback after each session they have with a tutor.

We require all tutors to offer a free 15-minute consultation.

It allows you to make a connection with the student

The purpose of the first meeting is not to give a class to your pupil, but to get to know and understand what their needs are, set up a lesson plan and a teaching method that will allow your pupil to reach his/her goals.

It is a small investment for a greater reward

Offering one hour of your time for free to a student who may use your services all year and spread the word about your services is an excellent investment.

It reassures students

Students will contact you more frequently; it is more engaging for them.